What does it look like?

What does software to connect people interested in diversity and technology look like?

At the Open Source Bridge session on Supporting diversity with a new approach to software we asked people to visualize this and share their results.  If you were at the session, take a moment to recall how you felt, what you saw, when you shifted into a different mind space.  Think of this image as a portal or a token that allows you to access that mind space whenever you wish.

Whether or not you were at the session, we’d love you to share that image with us so that we can share and collate with images from others to allow us to collaboratively shift and create software that supports the essence of diversity.   You can create an image and upload it, or share a link to one that already exists.  We’ll collect and publish the images.  If you’d like to get an email letting you know when they’re available — or find out about other followons — please leave your email address below.

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